• Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
Welcome to GamblersArea!

GAMBLERSAREA.COM represents a new dimension of social gambling websites offering with an innovative affiliate marketing platform.

GAMBLERSAREA.COM consists of several functionalities:

It starts with collecting Coins and to be used for stream bets, slots, giveaways, and purchases. XPs are collected by simply spending  Coins and being active on our website. Coins are collected through daily bonuses, wins, rewards and achievements. Diamonds are the most valuable item one can collect on gamblersarea.com and are used for entering Giveaways and purchasing items in the Shop. Spending Diamonds increases VIP Level, which in turn opens added functionalities and options, merchandise, products, and a few surprises!

– STREAM BET: Our users are offered streams from some of the most renowned names in the of bet . Added functionality compared to the other streaming platforms is betting with the streamers as they play. When they win, users win.

– CASINO WALLET: Personalised page for each user. Users add their favorite casinos to the Wallet and are offered an overview of all the available bonuses in the casinos of their choice.

– CASINO BONUSES: For those wanting the best offers irrespective of the casinos offering them, this is the place. All active bonuses from our partner casinos are shown here to our registered users.

– OFFERS: All our offers under one heading for all visitors of the website who are not our registered users.

– SLOTS: What is a gambling site without some Slots to ?! This is where you can play slots for free; find the slots you prefer and chose the real casinos and bonuses relating to that specific slot game.

– CASINOS:  Under this heading, all our partner casinos are listed with a short description and relevant information for our users.

– GIVEAWAY: For our registered users, we will organize Giveaways -as opposed to a lottery ticket which requires a purchase, our giveaways only require participation on Gamblersarea.com and chats. from to time offering a chance for our to win prizes, monetary and non-monetary.

– BLOG: Place to hang out, learn about responsible gambling, share opinions and thoughts on all matters related to gambling.

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