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Glossary of Gambling A-F:  From "Ace in the Hole" to "Full Ring"

Online Gambling Glossary 

The world of online gambling has changed so much over the years. With the advent of technology, new features get added to the online available at different online casinos all the time. For someone new to the world on online gambling, understanding these games and features can take some effort.

What can be even more overwhelming is understanding the different words and terms related to online gambling and casinos. We at GamblersArea understand it can be confusing, and hence we have listed out all the popular online gambling terms and their meaning for you. 

Dive-in, and familiarize yourself with the wide range of words and phrases that are commonly used in online gambling.

A-B: From Action to Buy a Pay Slot Machine

A Gambling Terms

Action – The act of betting or wagering any amount of money for a game is referred to as action in gambling. This term is commonly used in sports betting.

Accumulator – When you select different options for what you bet on during a race or event, and have your winnings from the first bet to be automatically placed on the next bet, till all your options have been bet on, it is referred to as an Accumulator. This is also sometimes called Acca.

Active Player – This term is commonly used in Poker. It refers to any player who is still playing the game

Active Payline – Every payline that you choose to bet on, from all the available lines, is called the active payline. By increasing the number of active paylines, you will increase your chances of winning.

Ace – This term is commonly used in Poker. It is the highest or lowest card in the deck. In high poker, an ace will be the highest card in hand, with one exception: when it is a part of a five high straight.

Ace in the Hole – Having an ace as your down card, is called Ace in the Hole. This is a good place to be in during the game.

Ace Out – This refers to winning, sometimes by bluffing, while holding an ace high hand. 

Ace to Five – This term is commonly used in poker games that are played for low amounts. This means the straights and flushes don't count, and you can use the ace as a low card. 

Ace High – This refers to a five card hand that has an ace but no pair. This kind of hand usually beats a high .

Aces and Spaces – This is also a Poker term. It refers to a five-card hand that contains two aces and three other useless cards

Aces Full – This term is referred to, when you have a full house over any pair

Add-on – This term is commonly used in Poker. Add-on refers to the additional chips that you buy and use during the course of the game

Ada from Decatur – This term is commonly used in the Craps game. It refers to a hard eight. 

Advertise – This term is commonly used in Poker. When you deliberately make a bluff to come across as a loose player, it is called Advertise. It commonly refers to showing down a mediocre hand, to indicate that you usually play a weak hand.

Affiliate – Affiliates refers to sites that promote online casinos and their offers. GamblersArea, is an affiliate site that promotes a variety of online casinos and slot games.

Aggregator Limit – The maximum amount of cash that an online casino can pay out to an online gambler is referred to as the Aggregator Limit

Aggregate Winnings – This refers to the total winnings of a game

All In – This term is commonly used in Poker. It refers to betting all your chips. This term is usually used in a no limit game, if another player bets more than what you have. Going all in will mean the other player will have to down his/her bet to match yours. 

All Ways (AKA Win-Both-Ways) Slot Machine – This refers to an online slot game whose winning combination can go from both left to right, as well as right to left. Such a slot game will contain a good number of possible pay lines.

All or Nothing – This term is commonly used in Keno. It is used when a ticket only wins if either all of your selected numbers, or none of them are drawn.

American Roulette – This is a variant of the Roulette game. It has a wheel with 38 pockets, one of which is a double zero.

Ante – This is a common Poker term. It is the initial bet placed by you before the cards are dealt. This will make sure that there is always have money to play in the game, and that every player has contributed.

Any Come to Bet – This is referred to when all or part of your winnings are immediately placed on a new bet.

Annuity – This is a commonly used Lottery term. It refers to a jackpot payout that is paid in instalments over a period of time.

Annuity Winner – Any person who wins the online slot jackpot and chooses to receive the winning amount little by little, usually on a yearly basis, as opposed to withdrawing the whole amount at once, is called an annuity winner. You can save a lot of money on the taxes if you withdraw your winnings this way.

Any Craps – This is a common Craps term. It means betting that the next roll will be a 2, 3, or 12

Any Double – Another Carps term, it means betting that two of the three dice will have the same number without needing to specify the number.

Any Seven – A bet in a Craps game, for the next roll to be a seven

Any Triple – A bet in a Craps game, that all three dice will have the same number without the player specifying any number.

Arm – This is another commonly used Craps term. It refers to the player who is considered to have special skills in throwing the dice, giving him/her the power to change the game. No one really knows if such players exist, but in order to make sure that the game's outcome continues to remain random, dealers insist that the dice are thrown against the back of the table.

Arbitrage – This term is commonly used in online gambling. It refers to a situation when a variation in are available to you, where you can bet to back both the sides and be guaranteed to win.

Autoplay/Autospin – This is an online slot game feature that lets you rest your baby lizard fingers by automatically spinning the reels. You just have to set the number of automatic spins you want, and lay back and enjoy the game.

AWP (Amusement with Prizes) – This term is commonly used with fruit machines. These kind of slot machines need a certain level of player interaction with the machines. Such games don't require any kind of skill, and are purely based on luck. 

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B Gambling Terms

Baccarat – Also known as Punto Banco, this is a simple, and very popular card game, especially among high rollers. It has many variants in which players bet on whether they have a winning hand from a two card or three card hand. The winning hands are decided by achieving a cumulative points total that is closest to nine. The face cards and 10s don't have any value in Baccarat.

Back Door – This is a Poker term that refers to a hand made using the final two cards that are dealt 

Back Hand – Another Poker term, it refers to the first hand, that consists of five cards. This hand is required to be the strongest of the player's three hands. 

Bad Beat – This is a commonly used Poker term that refers to a losing hand that you expected to win 

Balance – This is the total amount of money that you have available for betting on a certain online slot machine. Your balance will increase as you win slot games. Make sure you check out the terms and conditions of the online casino that you are playing in, with regards to the balance.

Banco – This is a Baccarrat term that refers to the Bank or the House. It is also the bet that is placed on the Bank or the winning house.

Banco (Roulette term) – This is when you place all of your money on one bet.

Bankroll – The amount of money that you set aside for gambling is called bankroll. It is important to calculate the amount of bankroll you can afford before you begin to play.

Barber Pole – This term is commonly used for more than one denomination or color in a stack of chips.

Basic Slots – True to their name, basic slots have a very few number of features, a single play line, and usually a static jackpot.

Beginner's Luck – This is a very commonly used term in gambling. It refers to a situation in which a first time gambler wins the first few games he/she plays. 

Behind – This is a common poker term for when you hold a hand that isn't likely to beat your opponent's hand.

Beeswax – This term is used in UK slang for betting tax. It refers to the tax on a bookmarker's turnover.

Bet – This is also called a Wager. It refers to the amount of money that you, as a player, will put on a single spin of a slot game, or any other online casino game. You can make any number of bets in a single game. 

Bet Level – This feature is available in some online slot games. It determines how big your bet is going to be: i.e., how many coins you are going to bet on one spin. This term is closely related to the coin value, and serves as a multiplier. Basically, you pick up a bet level, and your coin value is multiplied by that number to create the product, which is your bet amount. 

Betting Limits – Betting limits are limits set by online casinos on how much a player can bet on certain games. Most casinos will have a minimum and maximum betting limit for each game.

Bet Max– This is the largest amount of credit you can bet on a single spin in an online casino. You can see the bet max button on online slot games. By clicking it, you are automatically wagering the highest amount of credit, without having to choose it manually. Mostly, the bet max results in higher rewards, and sometimes, you cannot win a jackpot if you don't bet max.

Bet Min – This is the smallest amount of credits you can bet on a single spin. This means either you activated only one payline, or all of them but with the minimum bet. You will usually not win big when playing on a bet min.

Betting Right – This is a Craps term. It means betting with the shooter

Betting Tables – This is also a Craps term. It refers to the place where the wagers are placed

Betting Wrong – Another Craps term, it means betting against the shooter

Big 6 – This term means that a 6 will be rolled before a 7 is rolled in a Craps game

Big 8 – This term means that an 8 will be rolled before a 7 is rolled in a Craps game

Big Bet – This is a term commonly used in the game Sic Bo. It is a bet that predicts that the sum of the three dice that are rolled will be between and 17. The payout of such an outcome is 1:1

Big Red – This is a Craps game term. It is used when you bet on the number seven

Bingo – This term is used in the Bingo game. It is used if you win the game by matching a row, column, or other designated pattern on the bingo card. Columns are assigned the letters B, I, N, G, and O

Bingo (Casino) – This term is used when you match the numbers on a card with the numbers that the host draws at random

Bingo Board – This refers to the display that shows the numbers as they are called out in the Bingo game

  – This is a popular game in both online and brick and mortar casinos. You need to take on the dealer in this game. You must score a hand of 21 points or close, without going over to beat the dealer in this game. The winning hand, that contains an Ace and a 10 point card is called a Blackjack

Blackout – This is another popular Bingo term. The refers to the pattern where the whole card must be matched to win the game. This is also known as Coverall

Blank – This is a Poker term. It refers to a board card that doesn't change the value of the hands

Blinds – This is a term used in Hold'em Poker. It refers to a bet that you are forced to make

Blind Bet – This term is used in Poker. It refers to a bet made without checking what the cards are. 

Blocker – This refers to the card that another player needs which you will hold. This term is used in the game of poker

Bluff – A common Poker term, it means to pretend having a strong hand, when in reality the hand is weak and has no chance of winning.

Bluff Catcher – It refers to the hand that can only beat a bluff

– This is the classic term for the dice

Bonus Ball – This is a commonly used lottery term. It refers to an additional lottery number that wins prizes when it is combined with a winning set of the regular numbers.

Bonus Feature – The bonus feature is what makes playing online slots fun. It refers to every other feature outside the normal game which will give you an opportunity to increase the payout. It also includes free spins, bonuses, etc. Read more about bonus features: Branded Slots

Bonus Game – Bonus games are fun features added to online slot games. Usually, a certain symbol or image that appears on your screen will trigger a little game to show up on your screen. This game gives you a chance to win an additional payout.

Bonus Hunting/Bonus Whoring – This term is very commonly used in online casinos. It refers to taking advantage of the bonuses that are offered in online casinos.

Bonus Multiplier Slot Machine – The bonus multiplier slot machine is a special version of the multiplier slot machine. It comes with an additional feature. Every coin that is wagered multiplies the winning amount, but when you bet the maximum amount and win, you stand a chance to get a bonus amount on top of the already multiplied jackpot. This feature encourages you to bet the maximum amount of credits.

Bonus Round – The bonus round appears on the new screen that pops up when you get the Bonus Feature, and move from the regular game to that feature. Bonus rounds in online slots will have features like free spins or side games. This gives you a chance to win extra coins, without having to place an additional bet. In some cases, the bonus round will also activate a mini game.

Bonus Slots – Bonus slots are slot games that are programmed to reward you with certain bonus features, when a set number of bonus symbols appear on the screen after a spin.

Bonus Symbols – Bonus symbols are different for every game. If a certain predetermined set of these symbols appear on your grid after a spin, you will be moved to the Bonus Round, and offered at least one bonus feature. You should check out a game's settings to find out about a specific game's symbols.

Bottom Pair – This term is used in the game of Poker. It refers to a pair made using the lowest card on the flop.

Boxcars – This is a Craps term that refers to rolling two six on the dice.

Branded Slots – Branded slots are slots whose themes and graphics are based on popular shows and movies.

Break Even Point – This is a point in the game where your bets will match the amount of the payoffs that you receive

Breaking the Bank – Breaking a bank is a term used when you win a huge amount money from an online casino

Brick – This is a Poker term that refers to a card that doesn't help anyone's hand

Bring In – Bring In refers to making the first bet on the first round of a hand

Broadway – This is a Poker term that refers to a hand comprised of an ace high straight

Buffalo – Buffalo is a Craps term that refers to betting on each hard way and on Any Seven 

Bug – The bug refers to the Joker card in a game of Poker

Buried Pair – This is a poker term that refers to a pair made from the first two down cards that are dealt in stud

Burn Card – Burn card appears in a game of Poker. It is the card that is discarded instead of being dealt

Bust – Bust is a term commonly used in a game of Blackjack. It refers to a hand that is worth more than 21, and automatically results in a loss

Button – The button denotes which player position is the dealer and which is the last to be dealt a card in the hand. 

Buy a Feature – This is a situation in which the bonus feature is activated only when you wager multiple coins. 

Buy a Pay Slot Machines – You have a choice with the amount of coins you wager in Buy a Pay Slot Games. If you wager one coin, you will activate a certain symbol, and will a certain payline. You win only if that payline consists of that particular symbol. If there are other symbols on the payline, you will not win anything. You can add more coins and buy more symbols to increase your opportunity to win from hitting a payline with those symbols. The important thing to remember with these kinds of slot games is that you can win a jackpot only by wagering the maximum number of coins.

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C-D: From Call to Duo

C Gambling Terms

Call – Call is commonly used in Poker games and refers to the action taken to match the current bet in the game

Calling Station – A player who constantly calls in a Poker game is called a calling station

Candle – This term is commonly used in land based casinos, and not so much in online casinos. When a slot machine crashes and stops working properly, there is a light on top of it that starts flashing to get the attention of a nearby worker, or player. This light is called the Candle

Camouflage – Camouflage refers to a skilled gambler who behaves and acts a certain way to hide his/her activities to throw off a casino's scrutiny.

Cap – Cap is a common gambling term that refers to the limit on the number of raises in a round of betting.

Capping – Capping is when a player cheats by keeping additional chips on top of his/her original bet, in a game of Blackjack, once a round has started.

Carousel – This is a commonly used term in land based casinos. It represents slot machines that are grouped together, and usually share a common feature, like denomination of betting units.

Card Counting – Card counting refers to a system used in Blackjack to predict which card will be dealt next. It becomes almost impossible to do this in online blackjack tables because the deck shuffling is done by random number generators, and cannot be seen by the players.

Cards – This term is used in various casino table games like Blackjack, Poker, and Baccarat. A standard deck of cards contains 52 cards, separated into four suits – Hearts (red), Diamonds (red), Clubs (black), and Spades (black). Each suit has number cards from one to ten, a Jack, Queen, King, and Ace.

Caribbean Stud – Caribbean Stud is an online card game that is played against the dealer. It is very similar to 5 star stud.

Carte – Carte is a common Blackjack term. It is a request in French, for the next card to be dealt.

Cascading Reels – Cascading Reels are also known as Tumbling Reels, or Avalanche Reels. This is a bonus feature provided by some games that makes new symbols drop from above the screen to replace the symbols of the winning combination, when you hit it. This increases your chances of winning more on a single spin.

Case Money – This refers to emergency funds that you may have to continue playing

Cashback – Cash back is the refund of your losses that a casino will give you in the form of bonuses or real money. Cash back is usually calculated as a percentage (5% to 25%) of the total losses acquired over a certain period of time.

Cash Out– When you withdraw any funds that were held in your online casino account, it is called cash out

Cashier – The section of an online casino where you can withdraw your winnings and deposit funds, is called cashier. In a land based casino, the cashier is the cage or area of the casino where you exchange your chips for banknotes.

Casino Advantage – Casino Advantage is also called the House Edge. This is a very commonly used casino term that refers to the mathematical advantage that a casino, (online or land based), has over the players.

Casino Hold'em – This is a casino version of Texas Hold'em where you should beat the dealer's poker hand to win.

Casino Tournament – This is a tournament in which you are ranked with all players on the scoreboard based on the amounts that you win by competing against the casino in games like online slots, blackjack, online poker, roulette, etc. The point is to show who is leading with the highest amount. The winner gets a prize, usually in the form of a bonus, real money, or some other thing.

Catch – This term is commonly used in Keno, when the number you draw matches a number on a player's keno card

Certified Slots – These are slot machines that are usually advertised by the casino because of their high payback percentages, which has been verified and guaranteed by the casino itself. The payback percentages on such slots are usually 98% to 100%. 

Chalk – This is a sports betting term that refers to the favoured team, athlete, or horse

Chalk Player – Chalk player is someone who only bets on the favoured player or team

Chase – A common gambling term used when you continue to gamble hoping to regain your losses

Check – A check is a poker term to describe an action taken to stay in the hand without betting. You have the option to call or raise later in the current betting round.

Check in the Dark – Check in the Dark is when you check before looking at all your cards

Check Raise – Another common poker term that is used when you check and then raise after an opponent bets

Checked Around – When multiple players are in a hand, and all players check on a given street, it is called Checked Around

Chemin De Fer – This is the original French version of the game of Baccarat. Bets are placed against other players, and players take turns being the bank, in this game.

Chinese Poker – Chinese Poker is a variant of Poker in which two to four players play with a single deck of cards. Players are dealt 13 cards. They must form three hands (of five, and three cards respectively), going from the strongest to weakest hands. The points are assigned based on the strength of each hand compared to the opponent's hand.

Chips – Though chips are commonly found in land-based casinos, they exist in online casinos as well. They are the tokens that you get for real money. They can be of various denominations. You can use these chips to play different games in the casino except for slots. In the end, you can exchange these chips back for real money.

Chip and a Chair – This is a poker expression which means you could still win a tournament with one remaining chip

Chop – Chop is a poker term which means to share out a pot among all players that are remaining in the hand, or tournament.

Chop the Blinds – Chop the Blinds is a Poker term. It is used when only the small and big blind are left in the hand pre-flop, and the players agree to take back their blinds, and end the hand.

Choppy Game – This Poker term is used when you and the house go back and forth, taking turns to win and lose.

Chuck a Luck – Chuck A Luck is a popular variant of Sic Bo that is played in England. This game is also called Birdcage or Grand Hazard.

Circled Game – This is a term used in sports betting. It refers to a game with a limited maximum bet. This could be due to injuries or bad weather.

Classic Slot – Classic slots are video slots that have an old school look of three reels. They have limited pay lines, and don't offer bonus features most of the times. These types of slots are perfect for you if you like vintage things and simple slots.

Clear – Clear is commonly used in Poker. It refers to an action that cancels all previous bets on the table, and returns all the chips to the respective players.

Closed – Closed refers to the time just before the Keno balls are drawn. No additional bets can be placed at this time.

Closing Line – This term is commonly used in sports betting. It refers to the final list of point spreads offered before game time.

Coin – Coins are monetory units that you use to wager on the pay lines in an online slot game. You also get coins when you win a slot, which you can then exchange for real cash. The monetory value of coins differs from game to game, and can be different in different online casinos. The coins used in brick and mortar casinos are usually made of metal or plastic. 

Coin Free Play – This refers to slot machines in brick and mortar casinos, where, instead of coins, you will get tickets or credit tokens if you win a game. You can exchange these tickets and tokens for money later.

Coin In/Coin Out – This phrase is commonly used by casinos to indicate how many coins were wagered by all the players in one slot machine, and how many coins the machine paid out to all of them. 

Coin Per Line – Coin Per Line refers to the number of coins you choose, or are able to wager on one single pay line.

Coin Per Spin – The number of coins you choose to wager on a single spin is called Coin Per Spin

Coin Size – Coin size is the value of a single coin. Many times, the games let you decide the coin value yourself, by giving you different options, so that you can control your spending.

Cold Slots – Many players believe that certain machines don't pay out as often as the rest, and even when they do, make lower payouts. These machines are referred to as cold slots. But this is not true, and has nothing to do with how you will win or lose a game in an online or land based casino.

Cold Call – This term, in Poker, refers to the action taken to call after a bet and a raise

Cold Streak – Cold streak refers to a long losing run in an online or land based casino

Cold Table – Sometimes you may lose frequently in spite of betting right. This is called cold table.

Color Up – When you request for smaller value chips to be exchanged for larger value ones, it is called Color Up

Column Bet – This term is commonly used in a Roulette game. It refers to the bet on one of the three twelve number columns on the Roulette layout

Come Out – The first roll of the dice in a Craps game that establishes the point is called Come Out

Combination Bet – A combination bet is also called Pair Match. It is a bet that is placed for two of the three dice to match two specific numbers in a game of Sic Bo

Combination Ticket – A Keno card on which you will select at least two groups containing any number of spots is called a Combination Ticket. Sometimes, you can also select how the groups are combined.

Combo Draw – A Poker term, that refers to a hand that has draws to multiple hands.

Come Bet – Betting for the shooter to win in a game of Craps is called Come Bet

Commission – Commission in a game of Baccarrat, refers to an additional fee that is paid when making a Banco bet.

Commission – In general casino terms, a commission is the fee that an online or land based casino will take out from all the winnings paid by the bank. This is how the casino will make a profit for any game that doesn't have a built-in house edge.

Community Cards – Community cards in a game of Poker are cards that are dealt face up, and can be used by any player in the hand.

Comp Points – Comp Points are also called reward points. They are points added to your account as a part of any casino's loyalty or VIP program. You can exchange these points for cash or other prizes. Sometimes, the comp points will be in the form of perks like free parking, meals, hotel rooms, drinks, gifts, airfare, and more.

Complete – This term is popular among Poker players. It means the action in stud games where a bet that is equal to the amount of the lowest betting limit is made, after the bring-in.

Connectors – Cards of consecutive rank are called connectors.

Continuation Bet – A continuation bet occurs when a player who was the raiser pre-flop, bet out on the flop

Coordinated – Coordinated is a Poker term that is used to describe connected or suited cards. It is also sometimes called “wet”

Copy – When you and the banker have the same hand in a game of Poker, it is called Copy. The banker always wins the Copy.

Corner Bet – Corner Bet is a Roulette term for a wager on four bets made by placing the chips on the corner of adjacent numbers. Corner Bet is also called Carre in French Roulette.

Counterfeit – When the value of a hand goes down because of a better hand from community cards, it is called Counterfeit.

Crack – When you beat a big hand, it is called a Crack.

Craps – Craps is a popular dice table game. It is found in online casinos as well. You need to try and predict the outcome of two dice when they are rolled. Predicting certain number combinations will help you win or lose.

Credits – Bets are placed in the form of credits in some online casinos. One credit is generally equal to one monetary unit in your native currency.

Credit Button – The button in online casinos that is used to bank money in the form of credits is called Credit Button

Credit Meter – Credit meter appears on a your screen when you are gambling online. It shows you how many credits you have left at any given time.

Croupier – The person who is responsible for a table, deal of cards, collection of bets, payouts, and who watches for strange behaviour among players, is called a Croupier. Croupiers are normally found in brick and mortar casinos. They represent the casino side of the game in card games and Roulette.

Cut – Cut is a commonly used term in Blackjack and other card games. It means to divide the deck of cards into two parts and place the bottom part of the deck on the top.

Cycle – Cycle is commonly used in video poker. It refers to the average number of hands that get passed between top payout wins on video poker machines.

D Gambling Terms

d'Alembert System – This d'Alembert System has been named after the French mathematician, Jean de Rond d'Alembert. This system works by adding a unit to each losing bet, and removing one unit for every winning bet. The intention is to make up for your losses by doubling your bet after each loss.

Deal – This term is commonly used in different kinds of card games, both online and offline. It refers to all the cards that a player gets during the game in any given round.

Dealer – The dealer is a casino employee who distributes the cards, represents the casino side in the game, and makes sure everything is in order in every aspect of the game.

Deck – Deck is the name of the 52 card set that is used in card games

Deposit – The deposit is the payment that you make to your online casino account to play games for real money

Deposit Bonus – The deposit bonus is the free cash bonus offered to new players who deposit money in an online casino for the first time. All of these bonuses are subject to the online casinos terms and conditions.

Deuce – Deuce is the slang word used for two, either in terms of cards, or dice.

Dolly – The Dolly shaped marker is placed on the table in a square of the winning number. It helps you identify the winning number, and remains in place till all the winning wagers are paid off.

Dominate – A hand that beats another player's hand because it has a stronger combination of cards, in Poker, is called Dominate

Don't Come – This is a Craps term which means betting for the shooter to lose

Door Card – The door card is the first hand that is visible in a stud hand, or the first card that is revealed when the dealer spreads out the flop. The door card is also called the Window card.

Doubles – Doubles (or Triples) refer to a pair of the same symbols that appear in a reel. Your winnings will be doubled if an active payline lands on it.

Double Down – Double Down in Blackjack means to double the initial bet that was made for one more card. In most cases, you either win or lose both the bets together.

Double for Less – This refers to doubling down with a bet that is less than twice the original bet. This term is commonly used in Blackjack

Double or Nothing – This refers to a situation in which you wager all your current winnings for a chance to double that amount, or lose everything, by playing an additional guessing game 

Down Card – The down card refers to a card that is dealt face down in a game of Blackjack

Down to the Felt – This is a common gambling term that is used for a person who is out of money

Dozen Bet – This is a commonly used Roulette term for a bet on the three consecutive dozens on the table

Draw – Draw is when you take an additional card for the deck during certain types of card games

Draw (Keno) – Draw in Keno refers to the 20 Keno balls in a round that display the winning numbers

Draw Poker – This term refers to a variant of Poker where you are allowed to discard the cards, and replace them with other cards from the deck

Drawing Dead – Drawing dead is a poker term which is used when no remaining cards in the deck can give you the winning hand.

Drawing Thin – When you draw to very few outs, it is called Drawing Thin

Drop Percentage – The portion of your cash that the casino will win because of a house edge is called Drop Percentage

Drop Box – This is commonly used in land based casinos. It refers to the box in the middle of the table where chips used in bets are kept.

Dry – Dry is the board that has no connected or suited cards. It is also known as Ragged sometimes

Duo – Duo is a commonly used Craps term for a bet that two specific numbers will appear, on two of the three dice that are thrown

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E-F: From Easy Way to Full Ring

E Gambling Terms

Easy Easy is a commonly used Craps term which refers to a combination that you achieve by rolling different dice with different values.

Easy Way – A dice roll of four, six, eight, or ten is called an Easy Way in Craps.

eCOGRA – eCOGRA is the acronym for e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. This organization writes all the for online casinos, ensuring the safety of the and rights of the players. It helps you identify whether you can trust an online casino or not. If you see the eCOGRA logo on an online casino's HomePage, you can be assured that it has been approved and is committed to ensuring its games are fair, and the players are protected. 

Edge – Having an advantage over an opponent in gambling is called Edge.

Eighty-Sixed(86ed) – Being banned by a casino for foul play is called being “Eighty Sixed”.

En Prison – En Prison is a common Roulette term. It is similar to a bonus in some casinos. It gives you a second chance after you make an even-money bet that lost to a 0 or a 00. The bet will be left at the table for the next spin.

Equity – The pot amount that you are expected to win, based on the odds that you are in possession of the winning hand, in a game of Poker is called Equity.

European Roulette – European Roulette is a variant of a Roulette with the wheel that has 37 pockets, and no double zero pocket.

Even – Even is a common Craps term that refers to a bet for the total of the three dice combined to be equal to an even number.

Even Money Bet – This term refers to a bet where the odds are 1:1. You will win back the same amount that you wager in an Even Money Bet.

Expanding Wilds – Expanding Wilds are a kind of Wild symbols. When these symbols appear on the screen after a spin, the entire reel where these wilds are present, gets covered with it. This gives you a better chance to hit the winning combination because the reel basically adjusts to other symbols to help create it.

Expectation – Expectation, when used in gambling, refers to the amount you can expect to win on an average. This is based on the probability that a given hand usually wins. The expectation can be positive or negative, depending on the situation. Expectation is also sometimes referred to as Expected Value.

Eye in the Sky – This phrase is used in land based casinos. It is slang for the security cameras that are installed in the casino to keep an eye on everything that is happening.

F Gambling Terms

Face – Face is a common term used in Bingo. It refers to a single bingo card.

Face Cards – Face Cards appear in Poker. They are also called count cards. This phrase is used to describe cards that depict a person as opposed to the pip, or numbered cards. Face Cards are also commonly known as picture cards. They were also called the coat cards till the 20th century.

Ficheur – Ficheur is a device that is used in American Roulette to group together chips of the same colour. It becomes easy to give players different coloured chips.

Fifth Street – The third round of betting, when you have all the cards for a five-card hand in a game of Poker, is called Fifth Street.

Fill Up – Fill up is also known as a Full House or Straight Flush. This term refers to the fifth card that is drawn in Poker, to complete a full hand.

Final – The bet you place on numbers on the Roulette wheel that end in the same digit. 

Finale Schnaps – The command to a dealer to place bets on numbers 11,22, and 33 in a game of French Roulette.

Fire – Fire is a Craps term which means to bet a very large wager.

Fish – Fish is a Poker term that refers to a player who constantly loses his/her money. Such a player tends to bet on each hand, no matter how strong or weak the cards are.

Five Card Charlie – This is a blackjack variation where a five-card hand, that does not bust, is a winner.

Five Card Stud – A Five Card Stud is a Poker variant that has multiple betting rounds with a single deck of cards, and played against other opponents.

Five Liner – A Five Liner is a slot machine or game, that contains only five pay lines and three reels.

Fixed Jackpot – When a machine or game has a fixed jackpot, the amount of money you win when you hit the jackpot remains the same, even if you continue to play after that.

Flash – Flash is a commonly used term in online casinos. It refers to an online software technology (Macromedia Flash) that doesn't need any kind of download.

Flashboard – Flashboard is a common Keno term that refers to the display showing the numbers that make up the Keno draw.

Flat Betting – Flat Betting refers to when you continuously bet the same amount of money with no difference in denominations.

Flat Call – Flat Call is a Poker term for when you call a bet instead of raising.

Flat Top – A Flat Top refers to a slot that pays a fixed jackpot amount instead of a progressive jackpot amount.

Flop – Flop is a common Poker term used for the first three community cards that are dealt face up.

Flush – Flush is a Poker term for a hand that comprises of all cards from the same suit.

Fold – When you give up and retire from a round of Poker, it is called Fold. You would normally fold if you have a poor combination of cards, or you suspect your opponent has a very strong hand.

Foul – Foul is a losing hand where the two-card low hand is set higher than the five-card high hand. 

Fouling a Hand – Fouling a Hand in Poker means setting a hand wrongly.

Four Corners – A pattern, in Bingo, where the corner numbers of the card should be matched to win is called Four Corners.

Fourth Street – Fourth Street is a Poker term for the second round of betting when you are in possession of four of the total five cards that were dealt during the game.

Free Card – Free Card is a round where all the players in the hand check. This is done so that the next card can be dealt without any player needing to put money into the pot.

Free Space – This is a common Bingo term. This refers to the centre square of the bingo card that will not have a number assigned to it. This card can be used like a wild card to create a winning pattern.

Free Spin – When you can spin the reels of a slot game for real money without having to wager any money from your end, it is called a free spin. The payouts for free spins will vary from slot to slot. In most cases, it will be based on the wager and the number of paylines from the previous bet. Free Spin mentions:  Big Bass Bonanza Slot | Book Inspired Slots | Slots With Friends

Freeroll – Freeroll is a type of Poker tournament that doesn't require any entry fee. It also refers to a hand that will win, or at least split the pot.

Freeze Out – The type of Poker tournament that does not allow a re-buy is called a Freeze Out.

Front Hand – The last hand that consists of three cards that are needed to be the weakest of the player's three hands is called a Front Hand.

Full House – Full House is commonly used in Poker. It stands for a hand that contains two cards of one rank, and three cards of a second rank.

Full Ring – Full Ring is a common Poker term for a game with the maximum number of nine or ten players that are present at the table.

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