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Glossary of Gambling G-N: From

Online Gambling Glossary 

The world of online gambling has changed so much over the years. With the advent of , new features get added to the online available at different online casinos all the time. For someone new to the world on online gambling, understanding these games and features can take some effort.

What can be even more overwhelming is understanding the different words and terms related to online gambling and casinos. We at GamblersArea understand it can be confusing, and hence we have listed out all the popular online gambling terms and their meaning for you. 

Dive-in, and familiarize yourself with the wide range of words and phrases that are commonly used in online gambling.

G-H: From Garbage Hand to House Way

G Gambling Terms

Gambling – Betting on an event with an uncertain outcome, but hoping to win every time.

Garbage Hand  Garbage Hand is a low value hand in Poker. You should avoid playing this hand because it has a very slim chance of winning.

Getting Down – Getting Down is a common gambling term for placing a bet

GG – GG is a jargon that stands for a good game

GLA – Another casino jargon, GLA stands for good all

Going All In – Going All In is a phrase used in Poker. It means to bet all of your chips. If another player bets more than what you have during a No-Limit game, then you can use all the chips that you have by going all-in. In most cases, if you do this, the opponents will bring down their bet to match yours.

Goose – Goose is commonly used in Keno. It is a device that is used to mix up and draw the keno balls

George – A George is every dealer's favourite gambler. It is slang for a very generous tipper

Grease – Grease is slang for a bribe

Grid – Grid is a sports betting term. It is a matrix that shows the different bets that you can wager on. When playing online, you can click on the grid to place, withdraw, or confirm a bet.

Grind – Grind or Grinding Out is a popular Poker term. Grind means to play a large volume of smaller stakes poker games over long hours, on a regular basis. This is normally done to make a steady profit. A person who does this regularly is called a grinder.

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H Gambling Terms

Hand – The cards that you have been dealt during a card game is called a Hand. It is also the play between each shuffle of cards.

Handicap – When a bookmaker applies certain strategies, or conditions to make a one-sided event more evenly-matched and fair, it is called a Handicap. This makes the betting more competitive and appealing to gamblers. Handicap is also called Spreads sometimes.

Handicapping – Handicapping is a sports betting term that refers to a person's attempt to predict the outcome of a sporting event. Handicapping will usually require you to do some amount of research.

Handle – The total amount of money that you bet on an event or group of events is called a Handle

Half Time Bet – Half Time Bet is a sports betting term. If you place a bet only on the second half of the game, it is called Half Time Bet

Hard – Hard is a number combination that comes up by rolling two dice of the same value. For example, a hard 10 will be made when 5 and another 5 are rolled

Hard Way – Hard Way is a Craps term for a dice roll of four, six, eight, or ten rolled hard, before an easy way, or a seven

Hardway – Hardway used in Bingo refers to a pattern that you get in a straight line without having to use the free space

Heads Up – When there is only one player playing at the blackjack table, it is called Heads Up

Hedging – Hedging is a sports betting term. When you place bets on the opposite side to cut losses, or to guarantee a minimum amount of winnings, it is called Hedging.

High Bet – The bet you place on all the numbers from 19 to 36 in a game of Roulette is called a High Bet 

High Roller – A player who plays very high stakes, or places bets in a casino is called a High Roller

Hi-Lo – When you bet for the next roll to be a two or a 12 in a Craps term is called a Hi-Lo

Hit – Hit is a Blackjack term. It refers to a request for an additional card

Hit – Hit, when used in slot games, refers to spinning a winning payline combination

Hold and Win Mechanics – The bonus symbols stick in place, allowing players a chance to create a better winning combo. Also, in certain cases, they are triggering extra spins. Usually appears in the bonus games. Read about New Slots using this principle.

Hole Cards – The face down cards that you or a dealer are dealt from the back in a game of Blackjack are called Hole Cards

Home Field Advantage – The winning edge that the home team is expected to have is called the Home Field Advantage in sports betting

Bet – When you bet that the next roll will be a particular combination of the dice in Craps, it is called Hop Bet

Horn Bet – When you bet that the next roll will be a two, three, eleven, or twelve, made in multiples of four in a game of Craps, it is called Horn Bet

– Hot is a very popular casino term. It refers to a player who is on a winning streak. It sometimes also refers to a table where the players are winning frequently

Hot – A slot machine or game that is believed to be paying out at a high rate is also called Hot

Hot Game – Hot Game is a sports betting term. It is used to describe a game that is drawing a lot of action on one side from knowledgeable handicappers

Hot Table – When you bet frequently right after winning, it is called hot table

House – House is another word for casino

House Edge – The chance that the casino will win money is called the house edge. It is normally calculated as the ratio of the expected amount a player will lose to the initial bet amount. The lower the house edge, the lower the chances of a player losing.

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I-K: From Idiot End to King Ticket

I Gambling Terms

Implied Odds – Any odds that don't exist but are calculated based on the expected earnings when a given hand hits are called Implied Odds in Poker

Inside Bet – An inside bet is made in a game of Roulette when you bet on the inside numbers of the table

Instant Win – Instant Win is a lottery term that refers to a kind of lottery ticket that immediately indicates if you have won a prize on the card

Insurance – Insurance is a Blackjack term for a side bet that the dealer will have a natural. You can make this bet when the dealer's up card is an Ace

Irregular Playing Patterns – Irregular Playing Patterns are commonly found in online casinos. They are a type of “bonus abuse” where players will do the bare minimum to claim bonus prizes, in an attempt to lose very little of their own money.  

IVT – IVT is short form for Interactive Video Terminals

J Gambling Terms

Jackpot – Jackpot is a term that is widely used in gambling. It is the largest cash prize that is available to you on a slot game or any other game in online or land based casinos. In most cases, the term is only used for special prizes, like a progressive prize or something that is associated with a side bet.

Joker – Joker is a common Poker term. It refers to the 53rd or 54th card in a deck. This card is used as a wildcard in a game of Poker. While in some cases it may be completely wild, most of the times it can only be wild to complete a straight flush, flush or a straight. If the joker cannot create one of these, then it will be treated as an Ace.

Juice – Juice is a sports betting term that refers to the commission that a bookie earns

Junket – Junket is a common casino term that refers to a kind of trip that is offered to high profile casino players. The casinos will cover the cost of the flights and hotels. In exchange, the players will be required to put down a deposit and be committed to playing a certain number of hours in the casino.

K Gambling Terms

Kalooki – Kalooki is also called Jamaican Rummy. It is similar to regular Rummy, with matching sets of cards. The game is played with wild cards most of the times.

Keno – Keno is a lottery kind of game where you place bets on the numbers from 1-80. You need to choose the numbers before the draw, and hope to match the numbers that are drawn by the casino. 

King Ticket – King Ticket is a Keno ticket on which you select a single spot which his referred to as a king. You then combine this king with other groups of spots to form multiple tickets within that one ticket. In some cases, a king ticket may have more than one king.

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L-N: From Ladderman to

L Gambling Terms

Ladderman – Ladderman is a term used in land-based casinos. It refers to the casino employee who is in charge of overseeing a game of Baccarat. He normally sits in a chair above the table

Lay Bet – Lay Bet is a Craps term that refers to a bet that a seven will be rolled out before the point

Lay Odds – When you make a bet on terms that are favourable to the opposite party, it is called laying the odds

Laying the Points – Laying the Points is a sports betting term that refers to betting for the favorite by giving up points

Laying the Price – Laying the Price is a sports betting term that refers to betting for the favorite by laying money odds

Layoff – Layoff is a term that is commonly used in sports betting. It refers to the money that is bet by the house with another bookmaker to reduce its liability.

Layout – The cloth over a gambling table in land based casinos that is covered in markings telling you where to place your bets is called Layout

Limit – Any game with a fixed limit on the size of the bet per round is called a Limit

Limit – Limit is also used in sports betting. It refers to the maximum amount that a bookmaker will allow you to bet before the odds or the points are changed

Line Maker – Line Maker is the person who sets the original and subsequent betting lines. This term is commonly used in sports betting. The line maker is also referred to as the Oddsmaker sometimes.

Lines – Lines is a sports betting term that refers to the odds that are offered to the person placing the bets

Little Joe – Little Joe is a popular Craps term. It is a hard four. It is also sometimes referred to as “The Little Joe from Kokomo”

Live Dealer Games – Live Dealer Games are online casino games that are run by real human dealers and not just some computer program. You can see the dealers and the games on your devices using a live streaming video link, and can speak to the dealer through live chat.

Lock – Lock is a commonly used gambling term that refers to an easy winner

Long Odds – Long Odds in sports betting refer to odds that are generally greater than 10:1

Longshot – An unlikely winner in gambling is called a Longshot

Low Bet – Low Bet is a Roulette term for a bet on all the first eight numbers

Low Triple – Low Triple is a Craps term that refers to a roll of triples with the numbers one, two, or three

Lump Sum – The lottery pay out that is paid in a single payment, and not installments, is called a lump sum amount.

M Gambling Terms

Margin – The amount by which a competitor finishes in any event against another competitor is called Margin in sports betting

Mark – The indicator on your Keno ticket to show what numbers have already been picked is called Mark

Martingale Betting System – The popular betting technique where you need to double the amount of your bet every time you loose is called the Martingale Betting System. This system originated in France.

Megalats Jackpot – The Megalats Jackpot is also known as the Minilats Jackpot. It is a system where different slot machines are wired together, and if you get a jackpot with one token, you stand a chance to get all the winnings of the slot machines that are wired together in the same network.

Middle – Middle is a common sports betting term. It means to win both sides of the same contest in a sports betting event. You would have to bet on the underdog at one point and the favourite at another point in the game, and win both sides.

Minimum Bet – Opposite of the Maximum Bet, a Minimum Bet is the least amount that any casino will let you wager in a game.

Money Line – When you bet on the winner of an event with no point spread odds, it is called a Money Line

Move the Line – When you pay an additional amount to receive half a point or more in your favour on a point spread game, it is called Moving the Line

Multipliers – Multipliers are types of wild cards in slot games. When you use a multiplier, your payouts will either double, or triple when you hit the winning combination. Reade more slot games with multipliers: Themed Slots

Multi Race Ticket – A Keno ticket that you can wager for more than one game is called a Multi Race Ticket. All of the games covered by this ticket should be consecutive, and should be wagered at the same rate.

N Gambling Terms 

N1 – N1 is a popular casino jargon that stands for nice one

Natural – Natural, when used in Blackjack, refers to a two card hand that is 21 points. This hand automatically becomes the winning hand.

Natural – Natural in a game of Craps refers to a come out roll of 7 or 11

NH – NH is a casino jargon that stands for nice hand

Negative Expectation – The loss that you may expect over a long period of time because of playing a particular game multiple times.

Nina from Pasadena – Betting that the next roll will be a combination of nine in a Craps game

NL – NL is a casino jargon that stands for no limit

No Action – No Action is a term that is commonly used in sports betting. It refers to a bet where money is neither lost, nor won.

No Limit – No Limit is a common gambling term that refers to a game that has no limit on the size of the bet per round

No-Deposit Bonus – A No-Deposit Bonus is commonly found in both land based as well as online casinos. It refers to bonus money that you can withdraw without having to put down an initial deposit. You can use this bonus without any restrictions at an online casino.

Non-Negotiable Chips – Promo chips that are given by the casino are called Non-Negotiable Chips. You can only place these chips in bets and cannot cash them in.

Non-Value Chip – A gaming chip that has no value on it is called a Non-Value Chip. The value of this particular chip is calculated by dividing the amount of buy-in with the number of chips.

Nosebleed – Nosebleed is a common gambling term that is used when the stakes are very high

Number Pool – The pool, or range of numbers in any game from which you can pick for the draw is called a Number Pool

Nuts – The best hand in a game of Poker is called Nuts

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