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Glossary of Gambling O-Y:  From "Odds" to "Yo"

Online Gambling Glossary 

The world of online gambling has changed so much over the years. With the advent of technology, new features get added to the online games available at different online casinos all the time. For someone new to the world on online gambling, understanding these games and features can take some effort.

What can be even more overwhelming is understanding the different words and terms related to online gambling and casinos. We at GamblersArea understand it can be confusing, and hence we have listed out all the popular online gambling terms and their meaning for you. 

Dive-in, and familiarize yourself with the wide range of words and phrases that are commonly used in online gambling.

O-Q: From Odds to Quick Pick

O Gambling Terms

Odds – Odds are any casino's set ratio of any players' chances of winning. The odds determine how much money you will get against your bet, if you win.

Off the Board – Any that the bookmaker does not offer any kind of action on, at a given moment is considered to be Off the Board

On – When your card needs only one more number for a Bingo, it is called On

On Tilt – On Tilt is when a player reacts badly to a loss, and then starts playing recklessly and aggressively

On Roll Bet – Betting on the results of the very next roll in a Craps game is called On Roll Bet

Online Casino – Online Casinos are online versions of land based casinos that have gotten popular over time with the evolution of the internet. Online casinos may be web-based where you can play through your browser, or download-based, where you need to download a game onto your device to play it.

Open – Open in Keno refers to any point when the casino accepts more Keno wagers for a coming draw.

Optimal Strategy – This term is applicable to any game that requires you to make strategic decisions. You can mathematically calculate the different kinds of possible results in such games. 

Outdraw Line – The earliest line in sports betting is called an Outdraw Line. This is an overnight line that only a handful of players are allowed to bet on

Outside Bet – Bets in a game of Roulette that are placed on the numbers that are on the outside of the table, involving 12 or 18 numbers being bet with one chip. These bets could be black/red, even/odd, and high/low

Over/Under – Any bet that determines whether the combined total of the points or goals scored by any two teams will be more or less than a specified number is called Over/Under in sports betting

Overdrawn – An Overdrawn number is a number that appears to be drawn more frequently in Bingo. This is also sometimes called

Overdue – Overdue is a Bingo term for a number that is not drawn very frequently

Overlay – Overlay is a strong bet which indicates that you may have an edge over the casino

P Gambling Terms

Paroli – A type of betting system in which the bet increases as you win is called Paroli. 

Parlay – Parlay is a commonly used term in gambling. When you add winnings from the previous roll to the current bet, or bet on two or more games with the intention of re-investing the winnings from the first round on the next wager, it is called to Parlay. All the selections must be correct for the Parlay to win.

Pass Line – When you bet for the shooter to win in Craps, it is called Pass Line

Pat – When you have an unbusted hand of at least 17 points and you don't take any more cards in a game of Blackjack, it is called Pat

Pay Table – Any casino's list of pay outs for the different results in any game, is called a Pay Table. Casinos have the right to alter the odds in many common casino games by changing the payouts that they will give to the players. 

Payline – The line of symbols on any reel in slot games that pays out a winning combination of symbols, is called a Payline. The number of paylines in online slots can vary from three to more than 100. These paylines may appear as straight lines across all the reels, or can take any predetermined shapes. 

Pay Off – The money you receive from casinos for winning any game is called a Pay Off

Payout Percentage – The percentage of every wagered bet that will be returned to you from the casino is called a Payout Percentage. The payout percentage will never be 100%. The lower the payout percentage, the more profits a casino makes. 

Pit – The area of a casino where the tables are manned by dealers is called the Pit

Pit Boss – A casino employee who is responsible for supervising multiple tables is called the Pit Boss

Pigeon – Anyone who is new to the world of gambling, or anyone who lacks sophistication and finesse in gambling, is called a Pigeon

Place Bet – Any bet in a game of Craps that you win when a specific number is rolled before the round ends. It also refers to any bet that you lose if the shooter hits the point, or seven, before hitting any specific number.

Playthrough Requirement – Terms and conditions that online casinos place on their bonuses are called Playthrough Requirements. These requirements will need you to place a specific number of bets, or spend a specific amount of money at the casino before you withdraw the bonuses. 

Point – The number established by the come out roll in Craps is called Point. It can be any number other than a natural or Craps

Point Spread – The points given to any team that has a very slim chance of winning in sports betting so that the odds are even between all the teams 

Pokies – Slot games in Australia and New Zealand are called Pokies

Position – The order in which you should play during a round of gambling is called position. You will act first if you are an early position player, and will act after other players if you are a late position player

Postage Stamp – A pattern where a 2×2 grid is created in any of the four corners in Bingo is called Postage Stamp

Pot – The total amount of chips or money from blinds, antes, and bets that get collected during each round, and is then paid out to the overall winner of that particular hand, is called Pot

Pot Limit – A game that has a fixed bet size per round is called a Pot Limit. The bet size is usually the same as the size of the current pot

Pot Odds – The ratio of the amount of money in the Pot is called Pot Odds. 

Powerball – A variant of lottery where you win the jackpot by matching five numbers and the bonus ball. You can win smaller prizes when you match a smaller combination of numbers.

Press – When you wager an amount larger than usual, it is called Press in gambling

Press a Bet – When you add winnings from the previous bet to the current bet, it is called Pressing a Bet

Price – The odds or point spread in Sports betting is called Price

Progressive Jackpot – A jackpot game in online slots that gets larger with time, and is linked to a network of machines, is called Progressive Jackpot. Once the jackpot is won, the machine will reset back to a predetermined starting amount.

Progressive Slot – Slot games that are linked to progressive are called Progressive Slots

Prop or Proposition Bet – A special wager that is offered by the sports book on various topics is called a Prop bet. These wagers can be placed on sporting events, politics, and even on trials. 

Pull Tab – A kind of lottery ticket where the symbols or numbers are covered by something. This thing should be pulled off to reveal the numbers and symbols

Punto – Punto in Baccarat refers to the player. It also refers to the bell that is placed on the winning player and the hand that sits opposite to the Banco hand.

Puppy – The underdog is referred to as a Puppy in sports betting

Push – Push in Blackjack refers to a bet that ends in a tie. In such a situation, you will neither win, nor loose and your money will be returned to you.

Q Gambling Terms

Quarter Bet – Quarter Bet is a Roulette term. It is similar to a corner bet. It is a bet on four numbers with a single wager

Quick Pick – Quick Pick is a common Keno term that is also called Lucky Dip. It is a lottery ticket with numbers that are automatically selected by the computer instead of you.

R-S: From Rabbit Hunt to Surrender

R Gambling Terms

Rail – To rail means to observe and not play any games in a casino

Random Number Generator (RNG) – A computer program, or computer algorithm that is used to produce a random string of numbers in online slot games is called a Random Number Generator or RNG. These RNGs help to predict a fair and unbiased outcome of many online slot, and other games where the dice are rolled, cards are dealt, etc. They also help to determine the winners of jackpots in online casinos. Read more about RNG: 

Re-Bet – A bet that has the same amount as the previous game is called Re-Bet in gambling

Reels – The rotating of slot machines are called Reels. They are covered in different types of symbols. You spin the reel after placing your bet while playing online slots. When the reel stops spinning, you will know whether you have won the bet or not, depending on what appears on your screen. A lot of online slots have five reels, but some games may even have three, seven, or in some cases, nine reels.

Reload Bonus – Any bonus money that you will get for any additional deposits is called Reload Bonus

Return – Your total winnings on a bet is called Return

Return to Player (RTP) – The total amount of the revenue raised by the slots players which is returned in the form of winnings. The higher the number the more desirable the game is for slot players. Articles that talk about RTP: Night With Cleo & Mega Moolah | Playing Online Slots With  | Play'N Go Slots

Right Bettor – Right Bettor, in Craps, is a person who is betting with the shooter

Roulette – Roulette is a popular casino game. The game contains a wheel with many numbered pockets. You throw a ball into the wheel and it goes and settles into one of the many numbered pockets. You can bet which pocket, or group of pockets, the ball will fall into. There are two main variation of Roulette: The American Roulette with two zeroes on the wheel, and The European Roulette with just a single zero. The European version has better odds for the player to win.

Roulette Wheel – The rotating mechanism that will decide which bets win and what bets lose in a game of Roulette is called the Roulette Wheel. The wheel contains either 37, or 38 distinct pockets.

Run Down – All the lines for a specific date, sports, time, etc, is called Run Down

Runner – Anyone who places bets on behalf of another person in sports betting is called a Runner

S Gambling Terms

Scalper – Any person who tries to make a profit from the differences in odds from book to book, by betting on both sides of the same game at different costs is called a Scalper

Scared Money – A bankroll that you cannot afford to lose is called Scared Money. In some cases, it is also the stake limit that is too high for your bankroll

Scatter Symbol – Scatter symbols or Scatters, are symbols that payout when they randomly appear anywhere on the screen in pairs of two or more, during a slots game. These may sometimes appear outside of a winning payline as well. Scatter symbols also serve as a special multiplier and can help raise your bets by double, triple, or even higher. Sometimes, they also trigger free spins or bonus rounds when they randomly appear on your screen.

Scoop – Scoop is when you win the entire pot, usually in high-low split games

Scouts – A scout is also called a sports player. He/she is the person who waits for an unusually strong wager

Scratch Card – A kind of lottery ticket where the number or symbol is covered. Scratching off the covered area will reveal if you have won anything or not.

Session – Any period of time that you spend playing games in a casino is called a Session

Set – A hand that consists of three cards of the same rank is called a Set. In games with community cards, a set contains two hole cards and one community card.

Seven Out – When the shooter rolls a seven before making the point, and loses the pass line bet, it is called Seven Out

SH – SH is casino jargon for short handed

Shark – An expert card player is called a Shark. This clever player is often said to trick his/her opponents by pretending to be weak at the start of the game, and then striking when one of the opponent's guard is down.

Shill – Any player who is paid by the casino to make up numbers in underrepresented table games and tournaments is called a Shill

Shiner – Shiner is a small mirror that people who cheat at casinos are said to use to try and get a of their opponent's cards

Shoe – The device that holds several decks worth of playing cards is called a Shoe. Shoes are used in games like Blackjack which require a collection of cards

Shooter – The person rolling the dice in the game of Craps is called a Shooter

Short-Handed – If a card game is being played with lesser number of players than the typical, it is called a Short Handed game

Shut Out – Shut Out is a commonly used sports betting term. If you try to bet after the action closes, you will be Shut Out. This term is also used when the losing team does not score anything at all.

Sic Bo – Sic Bo is a popular three dice game where you have to predict the outcome of the roll of the dice

Sides – Sides is a commonly used sports betting term that refers to the two teams or athletes that are playing – the underdog and the favourite

Simple Bet – Simple Bet is a commonly used Craps term. When you bet on one single number and the payout varies depending on the number of dice that have the single number that you chose, it is called a Single Bet. The payout of such a bet can range from 1:1 in the case of a single dice to 10:1 for all the three dice.

Single – A bet on one selection to win is called a Single. It is also known as a Straight Up bet

Slot Machine – Slot Machines are extremely popular in casinos. These are also commonly known as Fruit Machines. They are gambling machines with three or more reels that spin when a button is pushed. You will win when you get a combination of numbers or symbols across pre-determined paylines. Older slot machines used mechanical or electrical reels while modern slots use video displays. The online version of slot machines are commonly called slot games and use random number generators for the numbers and symbols to appear on the players' screens

Small Bet – When you bet that the sum of all three dice will be between four and ten in a Craps game, it is called a Small Bet

Small Blind – The forced bet from the player in the seat which is directly to the left of the dealer is called Small Blind

Snake Eyes – Two ones on the dice is called Snake Eyes in Craps. 

Soft Hand – A hand that has one or more aces that can be worth either a 1 or 11 in Blackjack is called a Soft Hand

Social Gambling – A very popular way of betting for game prizes instead of money. GamblersArea is a site for Social Gambling. Read more about the idea: Social Gambling

Speed Bingo – Speed Bingo is a variant of Bingo. The numbers in this variation are called very fast and Bingos are made in as few as three numbers

Split Hand – Split Hand is a Blackjack term which means to split the initial two cards into two separate hands. You can do this only when the initial two cards are of equal rank

Split Pair – When a down card matches the up card, making a pair, in a seven card stud, it is called a Split Pair

Split Ticket – A Keno ticket on which the equal of two or more straight or basic tickets are written is called a Split Ticket. Every group of spots on a split ticket is evaluated separately

Sports Lottery – A kind of lottery where you select winners based on the results of the sports events is called sports lottery

Sportsbook – Sportsbook is a sports betting term that refers to a person, shop, or website that is accepting sports bets

Spot – Numbers that have been marked on a Keno ticket are called Spot

Square – Square refers to a person who is a novice in sports betting

SS – SS is a casino jargon that means short stacked

Staggered Payout – A paytable that pays more to slot players that have wagered more is called a Staggered Payout

Stand – To sit on the current hand without taking more cards means to Stand. This term is commonly used in Blackjack and Baccarat

Steam – Steam is a slots term that is used when a line starts to move quickly

Sticky Bonus – A Sticky Bonus is commonly used by online casinos. It is a type of bonus that you cannot cash out. It is normally given to pad your bankrolls, to enable you to play more, or at higher stakes

Straight Bet – A bet placed on a single number in a game of Roulette is called a Straight Bet

Straight Bet – Straight Bet in sports betting refers to a wager on only one team, athlete, or horse

Straight Flush – The second-ranked hand that comprises of five consecutive cards of the same suit is called a Straight Flush

Straight Ticket – A Keno ticket on which a player selects spots without any groupings is called a Straight Ticket

Street Bet – Street Bet is a bet that is placed on three numbers at once in a game of Roulette

Strong Bet – A bet that is placed on all three dice at once in a game of Craps is called a Strong Bet

Suited Connectors – Cards of consecutive ranks, and belonging to the same suit are called Suited Connectors

Surrender – Surrender is a term that is commonly used in Blackjack. It is an option for you to pay a penalty and throw away a hand. This means you will be forfeiting a blackjack hand and will be returned half of your bet. 

Symbols – Symbols is commonly used in online slots. It refers to pictures, letters, or numbers that appear on slot machine reels that are used to determine winning combinations. In most cases, if a game has a theme, then the symbols will be in alignment with that theme. The most common symbols are fruits, currency signs, or cartoon characters. Modern video slot games also have animated symbols that may talk or trigger music when you them.

T-V: From Tai Sai to Virtual Casino Games

T Gambling Terms

Tai Sai – Tai Sai is another term for Sic Bo

Take Odds – When you accept a bet, or make a bet on terms that are not favourable to the opposite party, it is called Taking Odds

Taking the Points – Betting on the underdog and its advantage in the point spread is called Taking the Points

Taking the Price – When you bet on the underdog and accept money odds, it is called Taking the Price

Tank – When you take time to think through a decision before making an action, it is called Tank

Tapping Out – When you lose your bankroll completely and go home or stop playing, it is called Tapping Out. A player who loses his/her bankroll is called Tapped Out

Teaser – When you bet on two or more teams when the line on each team is adjusted in the favor of the bettor, it is called Teaser. Similar to a Parlay, all the selections should be correct for a Teaser to win

Texas Blackout – Texas Blackout is a Texas variant where the first number is called, and depending on whether the number is even or odd, all the even numbers are considered wild and are matched. Once this is done, the game will proceed to a blackout

The Cage – The name given to the area where any casino keeps its money is called The Cage

Third Base – The position that is nearest to the dealer's right in Blackjack is called Third Base. This position plays the last before the dealer's hand is played.

Third Street – The first round of betting in a seven-card stud, when you have three of the seven cards is called a Third Street

Ticket – The form grid with numbers 1 to 80, that players use to place Keno bets is called Ticket

Ticket – A sports betting wager is also called a Ticket

Tie – Tie is a sports betting term. It refers to a wager where no money is lost or won, because all team scores were equal to the number of points in the given line.

Tilt – When you hit a losing streak, it is called Tilt in gambling

Toke – Toke is another term used in gambling for Token. It is similar to the chips that are used for bets. You can use Tokes when tipping the dealer.

Total – A bet that indicates the total combined value of all the three dice in Craps is called Total

Total – Total in sports betting refers to the combined amount of runs, points, or goals scored by both the teams during a game, including the overtime.

Totals Bet – A proposition bet in which you need to speculate whether the total score of both the teams in a game will be more or less than the line posted by the sportsbook.

Tournament – A tournament is a consecutive series of Keno games. Winning a tournament depends on the overall performance of all the players of the games

Trey – Trey is a gambling term for three

Triple – Triple in a Craps game refers to a strong bet that all the three dice will show the same number

Tronc – Tronc is used in land based casinos. It refers to the tip box for casino employees

True Odds – The real odds of something happening in sports betting is called True Odds

U Gambling Terms

Under – Under is a common sports betting term. It refers to a wager that the total points scored by any two teams will be below a certain number

Underlay – Any bet that you don't want to back because it is bad and is sure to not gain you anything is called Underlay. 

Under the Gun – The position of the player to the left of the blinds where players act first before the flop and immediately after the blinds on all other streets is called Under the Gun

Underdog – Any team in sports betting that is most likely to lose is called the underdog. 

V Gambling Terms

Value – Getting the best odds on a wagering proposal and the highest possible edge in sports betting is called Value

Variance – A measure of the swings of winning and losing in Casino Gaming is called Variance

Vigorish – Vigorish is the amount of money any bookmaker will charge a gambler for making a bet. It is also known as vig, the take, or juice

Virgin – Virgin is a commonly used Bingo term. It refers to a number combination that has never been drawn before

Virtual Casino Games – Online casino games are also called virtual casino games. They are computer operated and the results are determined with the help of Random Number Generators.

VLT – VLT is short for video lottery terminal

W-Y: From Wagering Requirement to Yo

W Gambling Terms

Wagering Requirement – The amount of money you need to bet before claiming any bonus given by online casinos. This requirement ensures that you cannot just claim any bonus and immediately cash out.

Way Ticket – A Way Ticket is a Keno ticket on which you select at least two groups containing an equal number of spots. These spots are then combined to form several straight or basic ticket combinations within one ticket. Every group that is played should be wagered at the same time.

Weak Bet – A bet on a single number that appears on a single die in Craps is called a Weak Bet

Whale – Whale is a Casino term that refers to a bad player with a very large bankroll

Whales – Very rich players who bet because they can afford a multiple losses are called Whales 

Wild Number – Wild number is a variant of Bingo. The first number that is called in this variant determines the wild number, and then all the numbers on the bingo card that end in that wild number are matched. 

Wild Symbol – Any symbol that can be substituted for other symbols on the reels is called a Wild Symbol. A wild symbol can be combined with other symbols around it to make a winning combination. In some online casino games, wilds will payout even if they are not on a payline. In some cases, wild symbols will also serve as a special multiplier which will double, or triple the payout of a winning combination of symbols. Wild symbols cannot be substituted with Scatter symbols.

Wired Cards – When a pair, trips, or four of a kind cards are dealt consecutively in a hand, it is called Wired Cards. When two hole cards are paired, it is called wired cards as well.

Wiseguy – Any knowledgeable handicapper or bettor is called a Guy in sports betting

Writer – The casino employee who conducts the Keno action is called a Writer

Wrong Bettor – The person betting against the shooter in a Craps game is called Wrong Better

Y Gambling Terms

Yo – Yo is casino jargon for the number 11

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